Please follow the link below to submit for one of our upcoming newsletters.  If you have any problems accessing the link, please contact the Director of Communications at [email protected].

Description of Newsletter Submissions

  • Legislation Corner:  Updates about how legislative actions may impact our work
  • Membership Moments: Celebrate your colleagues new jobs, organization appointments, graduations, weddings, births, etc.
  • Staff Spotlight: interview of an ICPA member or SA “Rockstar” from IL
  • Grad Program Highlight: Promotion of one student affairs program in Illinois
  • Institution Highlight: Promotion of one college or university in Illinois
  • Perspectives: Allows individuals to candidly share their perspective on any given issue.
  • Sneak Peak: An individual can preview their workshop that they will be presenting at an upcoming conference.
  • Ask SAPro: An advice column for individuals to anonymously ask a questions and receive an answer from SA professionals

ICPA Newsletter Submission Form